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Service Management & Quality Assurance

Marcomm field project managers have more than 20 years experience in project management expertise and an ability to bring projects to successful completion. The project managers and in-house service managers are the main contact points for the client throughout the life of the contract or project. The field project manager and designated team leads provide quality audit checks and report at different intervals of the project or MAC work to ensure specifications are adhered to and that quality installations are being performed. Our service managers are always briefed on client projects and/or MAC work, statement of work, specifications, and the agreed-upon service level time responses. This information enables our service managers to organize and dispatch technician teams, as well as deliver materials for the successful completion of projects and/or MAC work according to deadlines and agreed-to service response times.

Delivering quality projects on time and on budget is our focus for every project whether it be MAC work (moves, adds and changes) or small to large-scale projects that we undertake. In order to provide the highest level of quality project management, client service and output, Marcomm performs regular quality audits. Audits are performed from the design/planning stage, execution, to the post implementation follow-up.

BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD®)Marcomm employs RCDD-certified staff to ensure that the design, implementation and integration of your cable system will comply with the latest industry standards.

Technicians Prior to becoming a Marcomm technician, candidates must pass a stringent pre-screening process. Once approved, candidates go through a second phase qualifying process before performing any work for our clients. Our technicians are continuously trained across a multitude of technology platforms through on-the-job training as well as through manufacturer-sponsored training, work methods, installation practices, health and safety trainings, telecommunications industry standards, and building codes.

Client Satisfaction Client satisfaction is our number one goal and priority on every project. Marcomm ensures that projects are meeting or exceeding your expectations through continuous work audits and communication with the client. Continuous quality improvement checks and audits throughout the project help us fine-tune and perfect our client service levels, methodologies and overall business practices so that we can deliver the most cost-effective and seamless projects to your full satisfaction. These audits are performed by our field project managers and by our team leads.  Furthermore, to aid us in this venture we provide a client satisfaction survey at the completion of major projects. Marcomm utilizes the feedback received from these surveys to assist in our continuous quality improvement processes.

24/7/365 Technical and /Client Support Marcomm’s core competency is in providing seamless geographically dispersed, multi-site rollouts on time and on budget to your specifications with minimal client involvement and disruption to your business units. With 24/7/365 technical and client support and dedicated project management, Marcomm provides complete end-to-end rollout solutions. From material/equipment procurement to technical services, installations, testing and complete project documentation. Marcomm ensures that your rollouts are delivered with quality workmanship on every job.